Monday, August 10, 2009

Post Race, day two....

I think I am more sore today, than yesterday. Is that possible?
I am not achy, or anything, just a little sore. I worked last night and the bend down factor was avoided at all costs.
Still, I feel excellent and confident that I can do it again and will.
The full scares me.
I have a few of the maps, placed around my house, to remind me that that is the course that I will be running on October 18th. I want the visual reference to inspire me to do it.
Tomorrow I am running with the Goddess and it should be a shorter course. I think I am in the recovery phase of the 1/2. So far, I have incurred minor injuries--slight shin splints and heel spurs, but stretching and ice have been my best friends.
I am still adjusting to the water belt. I am not a fan of the bounce factor. I chose not to wear it on the down hill course, last Saturday. I think I panicked, a little, trying to get to the next water station. The mind is oh so powerful.
I swear, Mile #8, was my best performance and it was because I just ran and enjoyed it. I wasn't thinking about where the water was, or the fact that my legs should hurt or that what was I thinking in doing this? Instead, I enjoyed talking with the Goddess and some random woman from Oklahoma that ran this particular 1/2 every year since her and her husband loved it. Running can be soothing and fun. It's not always intense or difficult, you know?
I contacted Megan and told her that we must run while I am in D.C. Or, I have to run when I am in D.C. I have to stick with it, or the full will be problematic.
I am confident that I can do it. I saw a bunch of people on Saturday and having supporters is fantastic and truly motivational.
It is a nice reminder that yes, you can do it....if you have desire to travel to Denver in October, please do. The more the merrier....

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