Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Some people surprise me.
They are the quiet, the unassauming, to some extent-the wall flowers. You know the ones I am talking about...the observers. They enjoy the ride of life and rarely do anything to rock the boat or draw attention to themselves.
I have a friend that frequents my job. He is a nice man, courteous, pleasant and a safe person to seek out when surrounded by the typical drunk that is a regular. He is a safe venue when you want to enjoy a glass of wine.
Saying this, he is a marathoner and volunteers at Races and has for years. I sent him a donation request when we put together the fundraiser for the Brian Thompson Scholarship Foundation. Some of the other people on my board felt that their "high rollers" were the people to target. I know that they didn't understand why I sent letters to my friends and family. Who did I know? Why waste paper on them?
Funny, I had a lot of responses and generated the initial start up for it. I have genereous people in my life and people that wanted to help in any way they could. It isn't about money. It's about giving back to something or someone that you believe in.
Anyways, this man, a few years ago, completely surprised me with his donation. Further, he brought people to the fundraiser to support us and enjoyed it.
When I sent out letters for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I included him, hoping that he would donate to my cause.
For a while he didn't say anything. He didn't say that he received the request. It was all business as usual. Then one day, he asked me about my training and I knew that he had gotten it. He offered some advice and continued to be supportive.
A few weeks ago, I told him that my fundraising was finished and so I could focus completely, on the training. He offered to make a donation and asked if I would be willing to give it to one of my training partners, since he had met the Goddess at the Bull.
Of course.
I was happy to accept his donation and give it to the Goddess.
Last night, he stopped in and had my letter. Apparently, the post office decided that I wasn't living in my house anymore. I waited until I was alone and then opened the letter.
He gave me $500 and said that I could use it or give it to my partner as we had discussed. This goes above and beyond generosity. I don't want to name him, because, again, he is unassuming and gives because he can and wants to.
Currently, I am trying to decide if I should give it all to the Goddess or split it up with Gadget too. I need to find out if it possible.
People continue to surprise me. I love it.
I enjoy being able to assist my friends, too. It feels nice to help the LLS as well as people that I just met, but that have become dear to me. They listen to my rants about pain, suffering, mental blocks. Oh, and about everything else that is pertinent in my life--work, travel, food, famiy....running does inspire interesting connections and conversations.
Enjoy your day and consider how you are generous to yourself and others.


scarlethue said...

I love people like that, that give with no publicity to it, that expect nothing in return.

harmony said...

We should all strive to be like this. Instead of wanting to take credit for why we are great.