Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I feel like a runner because....

Tonight, I thought about meeting friends for happy hour. I called Meghan, this morning, and left a message. We have been trying to meet up for a few weeks, but to no avail.
Instead of working an early shift, I opt for the full day. My night is wide open. I call Pocketsize to see if she wants to meet me for a drink. I know that Steve has the night off and so I felt that tonight would be the appropriate night.
She answers. I ask her if she wants to meet up and she asks if we can do it on Thursday. I feel that, truly, it is easier for both of us and so I agree.
This leaves me free, tonight.
I go to an abs class at the gym.
I think of food when I return, but have no desire to cook.
I consider going to the Saucy Noodle, but I ate there on Thursday. I always order the same thing. I felt stupid returning this quick.
I thought of going to Il Posta on 17th. That way, I could check out the parking situation around City Park. Gadget and I are running on Thursday and we decided to try something new. The only issue with Il Posta is that the parking is inferior and I didn't want to spend $40 for take-out. I figured that I would have a glass of wine too.
As I pondered my current dilemma, I looked through my refrigerator.
Almost bare, which is normal.
I had lettuce, scallions, a cucumber, water, wine and condiments. In the freezer I had, ice--a lot of it, frozen water bottles, prepacked baggies of ice and veggies to use as ice packs.
The whole reason of this post was to think about why I run--obviously, it is for the ice effect.
Truly, I don't think I have ever had this much ice in my house at one time.
But, for running, it is necessary. I embrace it.
I dream of finish lines, new kicks and more sports bras.
I eat earlier, to accomodate early morning running.
I schedule drinking with friends around my training schedule.
I try to cut out salads for dinner as a way to avoid stomach issues in the a.m.
I think of topics to endorse on my long runs with the Goddess, Gadget and Jamie.
Running has overtaken my life.
Yes, Thursday night is a better night to meet with Pocketsize. Friday is my day off....

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Unknown said...

ICE is my best friend. My freezer is up to 3 ice packs, endless amoutns of bags of ice and coming soon... more ice! YAY! LOL! You gotta love the life of a runner. Have a great run tomorrow! I love the days I run with friends the best!