Thursday, August 13, 2009

Taking a stand, or holding true to the principle of it.....

My slumlord called me, finally, this morning.
In hindsight, I think he would have preferred leaving a message to actually having a conversation with me.
He explained to me that no, he would not authorize a change of locks. He felt that it wasn't a question of the locks being changed since he had did a month ago. My comment to him was--well, you never gave me a key to the front door.
He backtracked and said--I will be changing the locks, again, but it isn't imperative that I do it today.
I asked him if he would consider putting a fence in the backyard. Well, Harmony, you know, I had to spend $360 on a sewage issue that should have been split between you and the new tenants....Wow, I don't know when I became a homeowner. Plumbing issues, especially the recurring kind due to root overgrowth are not really in my area as a renter, or so I thought.
He told me that if I wanted to split the cost of a fence, maybe he would consider it. Again--homeowner responsibility, not a tenant.
From our conversation, I deduced that A) he does give a F%^K about our safety and B) has no feelings of responsbility as a landlord. I mean, he told me that it would be too costly, for him, to pay for repairs, unless he did them, himself, because his mortgage was too much.
He owns 8 rental properties. His idea of "fixing/repairing" is applying a bandaid to the situation. He wanted to sell this property when I moved in, but his asking price was insane. Given how much work it needs, he will be lucky to break even with the economy the way it is.
The stairs leading up to my place are unstable and scary. Yet, I live here for the time being. I am giving him notice. I am sticking with what I declared yesterday--I will not overlook safety/security. He is the worst landlord I have ever had. He is terrible! I cannot believe that he owns 8 properties in good conscious of how he deals with tenants and repairs.
I will begin my search for a new place in September. I have to give the jackass 60 days notice. I don't want to find my ideal rental and not be able to secure it due to timing issues. If anyone knows of a awesome space, with parking--non negotiable, located in central Denver, please let me know. I am relocating!

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scarlethue said...

Good for you! There's absolutely no reason you should have to pay for plumbing, locks, or anything like that. You didn't cause the problem so it's not your place to pay-- it's his. You'll find something better!