Saturday, August 15, 2009

feeling it....

This morning, I work up at 5:45. I looked at my alarm clock, hit the snooze, and convinced myself that another 5 minutes would not hurt anyone. I would still have ample time to stretch, stop for gas and be on time. Plus, the group always talks, ad nauseum, pre-run. Sometimes, we stand around for a 1/2 hour. It can be annoying.
I woke up at 6:30.
Frantic, I threw in my contacts, brused my teeth, stretched and thought about going directly to Wash Park.
Then, I remembered that they always talk.
I stopped for gas and took my time.
The group was small. I only recognized one person that I actively run with. I knew that the Goddess had chosen to run in Summit County, tomorrow, with the group as an alternate training day.
I didn't know where Gadget was, but knew that she was nursing a foot injury. She is intense, though, so I was surprised that she missed the outing.
I hadn't spoken to Jamie since the start of the 1/2 last week. She is a wild card. I still need a name for her.
Anyways, our intention was to run 2 hours and 15 minutes. The plan was to run to Cheesman Park, do a loop, and then head back to Wash Park. I knew that it wouldn't take 2 hours. Typically, it takes an hour and 15-20 minutes. I looked at Renee, and we decided to run to City Park instead of doing endless loops around Wash Park.
I took off and Renee told me that she would follow. In her words--you are a strong runner...just go...I felt great today. I had a nice pace, I wasn't overexerting myself or hating running. I don't hate it, but sometimes my ego takes over and I struggle with the running aspect.
Today was a new day. I felt great.
Then, about midway through the run, I really needed a bathroom. I ran through City Park, spotted one and discovered that it was locked---NO!!! I saw Renee and told her that I would meet her at the water station in Cheesman Park after I found a porta potty.
Today is the AIDS Walk in Denver, at Cheesman. Because of this, there are ample CLEAN, portapotties available. I loved it. ALthough, there is a reason that you lock them. I walked in on some random lady, going, and then a guy did the exact same thing to same lady, a few minutes later. Lock it!
Overall, I think I did 13 miles, or near it. It felt amazing. I think I will begin incorporating more of the marathon course into my training so that it is familiar to me in October. I cannot believe that I will be running a marathon in 2 months. It is crazy...


Morgan said...
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Morgan said...

Doesn't it just blow your mind sometimes? 2 months and you're running your first marathon! For me, 8 weeks! We should def meet up when I'm in the Denver/Parker area for Thanksgiving visiting my dad. Would love to run with a local! Keep up the great running and score on clean PP's!

harmony said...

Morgan--that would be awesome. Looking forward to it.
Yes, it is crazy...especially when I signed up for the 1/2 and changed to the full. I enjoy running with my training partners and they are all doing the full and so it made sense to me.
Be well and yes, I am always searching for clean PP's!