Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playing hooky...and other tuesday ramblings....

The Goddess contacted me, via facebook, that she wanted to go for an evening run today instead of our standard early morning (5 am, to be exact). I called her and let her know that as awesome as running at night sounded, I was working.
There are too many people on vacation, right now, to find someone to work this shift. Plus, I could use the extra $$ in Boston. My dinners tend to be pricey, especially, when I am in celebratory mode. I am celebrating my anniversary with Brian, next Friday, August 28th. Boston is the city I chose and I am hoping to eat at Mistral for dinner, and Toro, for tapas, late night. I figure, why not? It's good to be different and I love checking out restaurants. Nothing is set in stone, so if you have an awesome restaurant recommendation, please let me know. I have two nights, in Boston, and 3 days. I will be in Maine, too.
Anyways, so back to running....I knew that the Goddess was changing the schedule. Immediately, I think of how I am benefitting from it. More sleep comes to mind. Having a beer happens and skipping the morning run occurs or as I like to call it--playing hooky. I can still go later, between shifts, and I will. The weather has been lovely, lately, perfect for afternoon running. I am not a fan of running at 85+ degree temperature. I will get crazy early to avoid running in the heat.
We tried to arrange another run this week, but I have plans with Gadget, tomorrow, and on Thursday, I think Lindsay is cheating on me with another runner. Fun times. It makes me stronger, running on my own. The motivation to do it, isn't there, but I know that I need to incorporate some alone running time, too.
Thankfully, my ipod is charged and functioning. I was on the phone, last night, and my phone died. Nada. I plugged it to charge and still, nothing, until 8 am, this morning. My alarm did not go off; hence, the lack of my normal morning run.
I woke up, in time, to run outside to put the trash out. I like my new neighbors, but they have not figured out how to put the trash out on Tuesday morning. I heard the truck coming and so I raced out, wild hair-no brushing teeth--and caught the guys. I actually handed the man the two barrels and said thank you. I need to delegate some of the trash duty to the girls. They have a lot of trash--more than Marc, Megan or I--and so I cannot, in good faith, skip a week, knowing that the squirrels will have a field day. Yes, we have squirrels, multiple, that are aggressive and must be stopped! Many times, I have seen the rodent in my house. I had a screen on the window that the sqirrel ate through and makes its way into my house--lovely. I realize that my neighbors, next door, are the problem. They never take out their trash--recurring tenant issue with particular said house--and as a result, we have incensed squirrels that want food, all of the time. Thankfully, in two months, I will inherit a whole new set of rental problems...moving is always excellent, right?

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