Friday, December 10, 2010

Spectator Support

Shari is the ultimate spectator. Last year, she ran all over Denver while I ran the marathon. We met up six different places
In Vegas, it just wasn't possible. The monorail helped along the Strip but once we split off to the full marathon, the transporation options were limited. Plus, the course looped back and forth and around which also created some difficulty in meeting up.
I saw her at mile 4 and she chased me at mile 19. She was standing in the middle of the road and I was looking at the right side of the road. Instead of being defeated, she ran after me and handed me the golden gatorade.
She watched me cross the finish line too. I wish I had seen her there.
I didn't see the sign until we made it back to the Bellagio. Isn't it incredible?
She painted it and I absolutely loved it. Taste Life is the logo for the Brian Thompson Scholarship Foundation and very dear to me. When I ran the Healdsburg 1/2 with my friends--Sara Jo, Sipper and the Goddess, we made shirts with the logo on the front. If I had taken the time to have a tech shirt made, I definitely would have sported that during the Vegas Marathon. I didn't make the time. Next year, next Marathon, for sure. I want a shirt made.
I am so thankful for Shari for spectating both of my races. I pledge to spectate for her and her sister's upcoming 2011 1/2 Marathon. I am only waiting the when and where to go.
2011 brings possibility of more running. I think I have the Destination Virginia Race in my sights along with a few more 1/2 Marathons. I am undecided about the next full, but see it in my future. I look forward to my next sign and spectator support....


Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

How awesome! Love the signs! What a great feeling it must be to have someone like that there rooting you on. :)

Hailey said...

That sign is fabulous! I can't believe she painted that - such talent she has!

Your continued support of each other is so wonderful...I'm so thrilled that you have that cheerleading section just for you!

harmony said...

Hailey--maybe you could spectate or better yet, run with me sometime. They have a marathon in Dallas, right?
Rachel--yes, having someone there is awesome. Plus, Shari keeps me supplied with my necessities. In Denver, she carried tylenol, almonds, liquid. In Vegas, she brought me gatorade. Yes, support helps.