Sunday, July 25, 2010

Destination unknown

Each year, I try to celebrate the end of September out of Denver. Sometimes, it happens that I am unable to leave--friend's wedding--but for the most part, the last few years, I have been able to escape to celebrate elsewhere.
This year, I am having some difficulty in deciding where to go. I want to leave for two or three days. I figure I will work on the 25th of September after my long run. I think I will be doing a 20+ miler then since my training will have advanced. I plan on working Saturday night, Sunday morning and leaving the city Sunday night.
My options are as follows--
1. Drive to Santa Fe...why? Because I adore it there. I can get some body work done from Melody, enjoy a few spectacular meals and enjoy the beauty of New Mexico. The Wine & Chile Festival is at the end of September, too. I haven't attended that particular festival and have always wanted to.
2. Fly to destination unknown...Portland to see siblings. I would love to see my sisters and niece and nephews. However, two days is not enough time. The flight to Portland is not long, but the drive south to Eugene is cumbersome and tacks on to the travel time. Plus, it is inconvenient for my sisters to pick me up. Oh, did I mention that weekdays are not the best time to visit them? I might as well plan on a hotel if I venture to the northwest to see them during the week.
3. L.A. Yes, I enjoy the sprawl. Nor really. But, they do have fantastic restaurants. I could make it work. Flight not bad and foodie friendly.
4. Las Vegas. Ideal in many respects. Food factor satisfied, central location of the strip, hotels, a pool, etc. The only downside is that I will be there at the end of the year. This motivates me to not consider this too much. There has to be a better fit at the end of September.
5. New York. I would definitely need more than two days.

Where would you go? What do you suggest?
Truly, if I could narrow down the focal point of my trip, I think I could decide on where to go. Should I choose a chef/and or restaurant and center my trip around that? Chicago would be an option at that point. Flight simple, beautiful city, food friendly.
Do I want to seek out peace and body work?
Road trip?
Fly in, fly out?
Decisions, decisions. I need to decide, make arrangements and get excited about another trip. I am ready. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.