Thursday, July 1, 2010


I remember, one day, this couple told me that I should work at the Broadmoor. They told me that I would be a wonderful fit due to my "impeccable" service. Probably, that is what I wanted to hear. I always want to think that I am perfect. I don't know that many at the Bull would call me impeccable.
Nevertheless, I have always been interested in the Broadmoor. My friends, Steve and Sarah, spend Thanksgiving there, normally. They rave about the place.
To me, it is in the Springs--the devil city. It is a fast food, religious--the headquarters of Focus on the Family, mountie fanatic place. I drive through the Springs. I would never consider it a vacation. It is an hour from Denver and an hour closer to Santa Fe. I go there often.
However, I was surprised. I enjoyed the zoo. We toured it and opted to have an afternoon drink at the Broadmoor. The zoo, is conveniently located, directly behind the Broadmoor.
I had my car parked. It was funny. I pulled up in Veronica and parked behind multiple Lincoln's and bmw's. I tipped the valet and we headed inside. Immediately, I am surrounded by elegance. It reminded me of the Phoenician--a little. We headed up to their outdoor bar. Amazingly beautiful. I loved it. I regretted that we didn't pay the $270/night to stay there. Instead, we had made arrangements to stay in Manitou Springs.
Our waitress was lovely---knowledgeable, well traveled and entertaining. Jan and I had a few drinks. I loved the Broadmoor and now understand why others seek it out. I would return but when the rate is more reasonable. An hour south and did not feel like the Springs. Really. I felt it was a complete separate entity.

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