Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hip tendonitis

New running associated injury that I am about to tackle---fun? Not so much.
Basically, I have to stretch, stretch, stretch some more and stretch after that. My right hip feels slightly out of place, only it is not.
Last Wednesday, I ran on a treadmill. I followed the work out with some quality time in the dry sauna and went into work. Immediately, I noticed discomfort near the top of my right hip. I couldn't adjust whatever was bothering me. I tried. I stretched, thoroughly, and then tried a few yoga poses to assist my need to pop whatever was out of place, back into place. The sleeping pigeon is an excellent hip opener.
Thursday, I took a salt bath, called Dr. Bryn and considered my options. I know a few chiropractors from friendship to bar customers. One of the latter was a definite no, since he is now practicing out of his car. Alcohol seems to be his only interest and I do not want to be worked on outside of where I work.
The other chiropractor/bar customer is a nice man, but I was unfamiliar with his location and how he works. I am sure he does a fine job, but I have a friend that I was more interested in seeking out.
Still, I waited. My hip was not out. I could walk, run, work with discomfort, but still able to function. I broke down, Friday, and made an appointment with my masseus. He is a runner and I believed he would be able to help me.
He did. He completely re-worked my attachments, my psoas, IT band, leg. It hurt. I hurt. I wanted to cry and so I talked throughout the massage to not focus on the pain associated with this injury.
I soaked, post work and attended a yoga class. I wanted to keep my leg stretched, open, if you will.
Work continued and by Tuesday, I knew that I would be making a phone call to the chiropractor. I knew that I had not popped it out of place, but I still was experiencing some discomfort.
I called my trusty friend and made an appointment for Wednesday afternoon.
I took another yoga class and soaked for the 3rd time in five days. I have been serious about my recovery.
Arriving at the appointment, I explained my dilemma to the Dr. He had me sit at the edge of the table, feet touching the ground, and lay back. He noticed that my leg, in the position, did not bend at a 90 degree angle, as it should and so he diagnosed me with hip tendonitis. He stretched the psoas and then adjusted me, somewhat, not too much, though.
From here on out, I get to stretch, the shit, out of my hips. I am continuining to train and stretch, more, than I ever have. The ironic part is that when I called Bryn to ask her about my injury, her first question was--have you been stretching? YES!!! I swear, that is all I do before/after a run now. I am thorough due to brief flirtations with plantar fascitis, hip flexor issues, soft tissue injury on top of left foot which forced me to cross train the final month of training cycle pre-marathon. I stretch. I have learned that I must to prevent injury. Somehow, I found a way to challenge myself in a new way during training.
Lovely and something that I will continue to deal with. Salt baths, yoga, stretching to ensure my tendonitis lessons.

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