Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Self induced Monday blues......

Work. Sleep. Work. Sleep. Run. Work. Work. Work.
Day off, finally. I thought about picking up Tuesday since I have a few upcoming trips; but, then, thought better about it. Why risk my attitude for a few extra dollars before a vacation?
And, I was there. My mood was not pleasant on Monday day. Granted, the wine induced/inhaled on Sunday was a large majority of that. Lack of good sleep, followed by a day shift, created an unplesant Harmony. I do not regret working Sunday night or enjoying the excellent red wine. Too much fun. I do regret not eating an appropriate amount of food before opting to drink red wine. I need to remember that lesson.
And, during Sunday night, I had a conversation with a few friends of mine that recently got married. I know the guy and I would consider him a genuine friend. Several times, we have had excellent conversations about travel, food, life, death.
His wife is unknown to me. In previous interactions, I was limited to the conversation at hand. I didn't know that she would make me feel like I had been run over by a mack truck with how much she could talk about irrelevant information. Wow, can she talk! and talk and talk, about nothing...I hope this is just a nervous state for her. I really hope they are happy with each other.
On Monday, I caught myself before I choked out any of my co-workers or customers. It wasn't easy since Monday is notorious for my need to quash the desire to choke a co-worker. This one talks non-stop, about nothing, and will follow you around to conclude a story. I like her. I do. However, there are days that I am unable to handle all of the talk. Monday was definitely one of those days.
I kept walking, aimlessly, to avoid known annoying offenders. Eventually, I was blessed with a few tables and I tried to keep my attitude in check. The first table was nice, retired, and into their conversation. The were not demanding or annoying. Then, I was seated two men that were waiting for two others. The two additional menus indicated the extra people, but they still felt it necessary to tell me of their late arrivals. I should have foreseen how unfriendly these guys were. Instead, I had to wait for their friends to feel the full effect. First, their last friend to arrive, plops his briefcase, down, at an adjacent table. Immediately, I pick it up and move it. We do seat all tables and I felt this man was incredibly rude for acting as if he were at home. Like I should let him put his shoes on the coffee table or something. They were suits, though. Translation--all business, financial talk, no smiling, no personality. Just business amongst themselves. No manners. I think I heard one thank you the length of their stay.
My final two tables were a younger couple and an older couple. The younger couple also was hungover and so they let me choose their meals and were pleasant in every way.
The older couple dines at he Bull, frequently. They are nice, but want to talk, too much, and so I tend to try to keep it professional. They enjoy a few drinks, order, eat and then leave. Several of my co-workers like them and came over to b.s./hug while I was waiting on them. Robin, the acting manager, asked me if we had bought them a drink. If not, she wanted one purchased on her behalf.
When I dropped the check, I mentioned that Robin had bought them a drink. They said thank you, and we began a conversation about etiquette, manners and accountability. After that, I decided I could like them, too. I will not be hugging on them, ever, but I will try to make more of a conversation, with them, on future visits. They had a lot to say about how their generation is different from what is happening now. He felt it was incredibly rude when people text while dining with others or wear hats inside. It was interesting and I agreed on several points. I do find it rude when people are on their phones in a restaurant. The hat thing, is purely, generational--I think. I mean, taking a hat off during the pledge or allegiance or singing of the national anthem, is necessary, but in a restaurant, it doesn't bother me.
So, I began Monday--my last working day, in a state of irritataion and concluded with the knowledge that I could smile and enjoy stories if I just stopped and enjoyed the moment. I needed to get out of my funk, post hangover, to enjoy the day.

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