Friday, July 2, 2010

More touristy stuff

Lovely, isn't it?
We drove through the Garden of the Gods. Our intention was to walk around, some; and then, head to Pike's Peak. All of this would have been an ideal plan, had we began at 8:oo a.m. instead of 10.
The Garden was right next to Manitou--super convenient. I was intoxicated by its beauty and could have stayed longer. I will return to explore more.
Next, I drove to Pike's Peak. We had considered the cog rail option. However, we needed more time and an appointment. We had neither. And, I was told that the rail option was long and tedious. I didn't want to bore Jan. I wanted her to want to come back. For whatever reason, I felt, that viewing Pike's Peak would be reserved for another day.
As we entered the park, I saw a sign saying---be prepared for 28 degrees at the summit and a two hour round trip for this adventure. At this point, it was 11:45 and being in my car did not seem that fantastic. I told Jan that I would do it, if she wanted.
I left it at that.
I knew, knowing her, that she would want to turn around and head back to Denver.
I was right.
Before leaving, we used the porta potty since they did not offer a bathroom. Jan has an I-phone and so we located a mexican restaurant in the Springs. Did I mention that Jan loves mexican food more than I do? We have always agreed on that food choice. We found some little hole in the wall. Too greasy, but still enjoyable. I had a burrito with rice and shared chips and salsa. I cannot remember the name. Somehow, it just wouldn't stick.
Her phone gave us many options. I remember one was close to us; but, sounded too cheesy. Ironically, we drove by it. I remember thinking it was too loud/colorful. I commented that I was happy that we chose to go elsewhere.
Sated, we headed north to Denver. I had arranged to go running with the Goddess that afternoon. Hot, but determined to stay true to my plans, I left Jan napping and ran with Lindsay for an hour and a half. So grateful for Lindsay....seriously, I needed some sort of physical activity to balance all of the mexican food and cocktails. I am in training and need to stay true to that.
Post run, I convinced Jan to take a bus to downtown...more on that later. Until then, enjoy the Garden of the Gods photos. I loved it there.