Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rockies tomorrow

Everything is back to normal.
I am going to the Rockies/Giants game with Jimmy tomorrow night. It should go off as planned since he has actually agreed to go to the game with me. I confiscated the Bull tickets and so everything is right in my world.
We will start off at the Falling Rock and arrive probably about the 3rd inning. I think I have only made it to one game at the beginning and that was awhile back. Normally, I like to linger at the Falling Rock with food of sorts and then head over to the game. I convinced my cousin that that was the only way to do it since I am not a huge hot dog fan.
I have a day off tomorow and so I plan on going to yoga, the game and full on relaxation. I am viewing a home in my desired neighborhood on Wednesday night. I thought that I had secured my old place, but my landlord flaked out on me. I was disappointed, but what can I do? If he wants to sell his house in this soft market, how can I stop him?
I am better and over my text messaging rants of the other day.


Shari said...

I love the picture of Brian with the bottle of wine and Bryn's wood masks. We really did have a great time that night trying to find the wine you suggested.

My dad is doing better. He quit taking the pain killers and he seems more like himself. "Say No to drugs" unless they are really good.

I hope your home search is going well.

We'll talk soon.
Love, Shari

harmony said...

I went to Bryn's house the other day and she had it out on the table, again. It seemed ideal to take the photo with the wine since I enjoyed your story of the scavenger hunt!
I have an appointment tomorrow to look at a house and then I hope to sign it and be in by June 1st. I am ready for a place to call home. Call you soon.
Love ya--Harmony