Friday, May 9, 2008

Solera, acupuncture and the outcome

I had dinner plans with Mike Carroll the other night. Mike is a pleasant fellow, extremely mellow and user friendly. I think he is an easy person to have a wonderful conversation with.
Before we went to dinner, I went to yoga and acupuncture. My bite looks awesome, but I wanted to do some follow up work since I did not go last week to acupuncture. I was woozy after the treatment and should have drank two gallons of water. I didn't.
We went to dinner and Magon waited on us. When I lived on Birch St, Solera was a weekly stop. I missed Brian and felt safe in the culinary arts of Goose. I love his calamari and he is a creative genius when it comes to food. So, they knew me and my habits pretty well. I love drinking big, bold red wine and they kept it flowing....flowing, flowing, flowing.
As a result, I arrived back at my aunt's house and I don't think she was too thrilled to see me. I understand that, completely, and recognize that if I am going to drink wine in that fashion, I need to eat more than 4 pieces of calamari and a little bit of tuna.
I am well and I know that I am finding a place of my own and soon. It is too difficult to figure out where to stay when I go to dinner with someone outside of Jimmy.

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