Saturday, May 17, 2008

My problem with text messaging...

I had tickets to go to the Rockies/Twins game on Friday night. I had even arranged to go to the game with someone besides Jimmy. I was excited to talk with my friend, the realtor.
I was given tickets that were seated next to the Bull and Bush tickets--3rd base line, about 25 rows back. I like the Twins and my only issue was that my boss was using the Bull tickets and I wasn't thrilled about sitting by her or her boyfriend. I wanted to be anonymous and enjoy the game. If I got fired up, I didn't want to have to censor myself, you know?
So, I call the realtor and mention that I had been given tickets so that he wouldn't have to worry about purchasing tickets. I wanted to make sure that we both didn't get tickets and so I did the polite thing by telling him about the tickets. He doesn't call.
On Thursday night, I text message him since that is his preferred medium of contact. I tell him that unless I hear from him regarding the tickets, I would give my cousin the tickets. NOTHING. No call, text or courtesy which is annoying. I give the tickets to my cousin, go to work yesterday and then he texts me to tell me that his plans had changed and that no, he didn't have tickets and would be unable to go to the game. I called him and let him know that I was frustrated with his communication. I mean, had he called me, I would have been able to go to the game with someone else since I had tickets. I didn't go to the game and it all could have been avoided with a simple phone call.
I do understand the convenience of text messaging. I did it the other night to confirm my dinner reservations at Frasca with my friends. It works and yes, it was convenient. However, it does not replace the humanness of a phone conversation. It can be misrepresented or construed and for me, I suck at it. I hate it and I try to avoid it. I feel much more comfortable calling.

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