Monday, May 26, 2008

MEMORIAL DAY and other rants...

I love the weather. TOday is amazing. I woke up at 4:40, compliments of my aunt and her dogs. Granted we were planning on hiking at Matthews/Winters Park but I could have used a few more hours of sleep.
We stopped for coffee, but she didn't order it right. I was given black coffee which doesn't suit me. I am more of a cream girl, no sugar, but definitely some dairy. We made it there, the first ones, and it was intensely beautiful. I have a meeting with a medium tomorrow afternoon and so I have been trying to connect with positive energy of Brian. Hiking there, is serene and one of the first places that i went hiking with him. It seemed right to release him, again, at that spot. I decided to share him with my aunt since she loved him as well and it cannot always be about me.
I have learned as I continue on this road, that he affected so many people and that I would be foolish to try to have him all to myself. It isn't easy to share but I acknowledge that I should. I am trying to forgive myself in this, too.
SInce then, I have slept, tons, and am about to head to Jimmy's to watch Big Love. I love that show. It is very entertaining and since my aunt doesn't have cable anymore, I must branch out to others...I hope that everyone is well and doing exactly what they want to do today.
I have some friends that are doing a mini baseball stadium tour to KC and St. Louis this next week. I gave them places to stop in Lawrence (Rock Chalk Jayhawk) and KC. I am excited for them, even jealous, since I can taste a maibock from Free State Brewery right now. I hope that they encounter some of my old co-workers there and that they are able to enjoy the brews and food.

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