Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Done Deal

Chichi and I met with the landlord and effectively signed the lease. I can move in on Sunday night and I am stoked.
Finally, a place to call home. I am sure that both my aunt and Jimmy will be thrilled to be rid of my crap, my antibiotics and other vitamins and paperwork. I collect letters. I believe in the tradition of communicating via snail mail. I think it is more personal than an e-mail and definitely preferred over text messaging!
We will have a house warming at some point. I need to wait until I am off of the antibiotics so that I am in good health. Plus I want to be ready to have a great party with lots of food and of course, ample wine.
Tomorrow, I return to the clinic for a follow up and tonight, I will continue to watch Big Love.
Until later...

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