Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

I spent Mother's Day with Bryn and Beau, after working a floor shift at the Bull and Bush.
We had no plans outside of moving some furniture, dinner and of course, red wine. I have a a few bottles of wine from my collection with Brian. It is in a safe place, too accessible for me, at times. I chose the Rutherford Hill wine, specifically since I had just told Shari that that was one of our favorite wines and she had a scavenger hunt trying to find some in Minnesota.
We made spaghetti, a green salad and some bread. I was a little flaky that evening, and burnt the focaccia. I don't know if Bryn will let me cook at her house again, since I made such a novice mistake.
It was great to celebrate with family and I made all of my calls to Mother's in the morning. I missed talking with my mom, but did leave a message and will try to talk to her again soon. Jade is heading to her house to see her and of course, Jasmin is there. I know that she is surrounded by family and okay.
Bryn did a tarot reading for me and I feel much better about my current situation. I did choose the Devil card amongst the spread, but no death card like the first time I had a reading. I am confident that I am making decisions that are beneficial to me. I went apartment hunting with Chichi yesterday and I believe that we will have a place today. I am hoping to move back into my place on 5th Ave. I need to look at one more place and then make it happen.
Finally, I saw Sara Jo last night and it was great. Her apartment is similar to the last apartment I had with Brian. It was eerie, but comfortable at the same time. She had a beautiful spread of fruit, cheese and bruschetta for us. We opened a bottle of Italian red from Tiffany that I had received for xmas a year ago. Afterwards, I opened a bottle of a South African wine which was decent and moderately priced. I hope to see Sara Jo and Ace again.

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