Thursday, May 22, 2008

I lost my phone and cannot decide if I should get another...

I remember what life was like without a cell phone. It was fantastic. I loved it. I knew that people would track me down the old fashioned way, by leaving a message on my machine or calling me back.
Well, I had to purchase a cell phone since I went on a 2 1/2 week road trip in 2006. My friends and family insisted that I have one while I was touring the western States. I caved in and morphed into an anti text messaging queen, but very dependent on my phone. It serves as my alarm clock as well as my watch. I like it until today.
At 5:15 am, I was up since I wanted to walk around Sloan's Lake with my aunt. She works early and so this would be the only time to go with her. Well, she opted for pilates later and I grabbed a to go cup full of coffee, my ipod, keys and phone and took off. I was making great time when I realized that I had lost my phone. Immediately, I turned around and searched for my phone. It was inconvenient and it forced me to feel like I was on vacation again. I had to talk to other people and I did it all of the time on my trip. Since I have returned to the States, I have become acquainted with our customs and lack of communication.
I felt like a performance artist--you know, the ones that have exhibits in the bathrooms to freak people out. I inquired about my phone and the typical response was either paranoia that I was panhandling, I guess, or the language barrier. I asked several ladies if they had seen a cell phone and they would pull theirs out. Very sweet, but not helping me in my quest.
I have no idea where it is at. I contacted t-mobile to suspend the service and then I called my aunt, since I know her number. That is another thing...I don't know numbers anymore. My phone has made me stupid! I know 7-10 phone numbers by heart and 4 of those are work related. Of course, I loved the rental property last night and need to hear back from the landlord but I have no phone. I called him to give him my aunt's cell as well as the work phone. I do have e-mail and so I suppose that is a plus.
We shall see. If I must purchase a new phone, I am taking the text messaging off!!! I might need your numbers for those of you in the States. I will update this later.

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