Saturday, May 3, 2008

Memories of Denver...

When I first moved to Denver, I lived with my aunt, Bryn, and her son, Beau, in Wheat Ridge. I was interested in working and avidly trying to find a job. They were both great about my lack of employment and so I hired on with a catering company. The pay was not great, but it was a job. I found some black tuxedo slacks and had an appropriate white shirt. I wasn't too thrilled about the job, but it was a job.
Nonetheless, it was a cool, November day and I decided to walk around the hood of Wheat Ridge. Innocently, I am walking down this street, when this dog runs from the other side of the street and clamps onto my leg. It was horrifying and I walked away in a daze. I showed up at my aunt's house and said--I think I was bit by a dog. She drove me to the house that it happened and we inquired about the dog's shot status. It was a lab/collie mix and the kid that answered the door (about 19) told me that it was his mom's dog and that it wasn't supposed to be in the front yard since there wasn't a fence. I learned this the hard way as the dog bit through my jeans and tore the skin.
The dog was current and so I chalked it up to a wild lab story and to this day, I am not a fan of labrador's. Ask my sister, Jade, she has a lab and I despise Charley! Anyways, today, I am walking around Sloan's Lake with my aunt. It is a beautiful day, I have starbuck's and I am reflecting on my life, the possibilities and how positive I am about my decision to stay in Denver.
Next thing I know, there is this couple walking two dogs. We were on the wrong side of the sidewalk--like the Aussies, but it was cold and so we were walking on the grass--when this couple was odd about it. As we walk by the dogs, one of them rushes me and its head was parallel with my shoulders. Basically, it jumped me and I stopped. The couple were like--ARE YOU OKAY? ARE YOU OKAY? And i go--yep, I am fine.
I think the dog was trying to steal some of my good energy....I don't know.

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