Monday, May 26, 2008

What love is...

Love is being able to look at someone's butt and not judge it.
SERIOUSLY...I have another outbreak, on my right side this time. I thought I could handle it. I cleaned it, applied tea tree oil and rolled with the punches until I had to drive home. I couldn't stand it. It was definitely worse on my right side since I use my right leg to drive. I found that if I sat on my yoga mat, I could put more pressure on my left side.
Fat lot of good it did me...I have an issue with this. I spoke to Shari and she too, has been bit in the last few days. I discussed it with my aunt who approached her sister to get a syringe and suck the toxin out. Derryn, her sister, was senstive to that I was still dealing with it. She lectured Bryn on my healthcare and the necessity of going to a doctor. She mentioned that she had a sterile scalpel and might be able to lance the latest wound.
After driving, briefly today, I returned to have Derryn look at the bite. She cut into me and worked on it for an hour and a half. In this instant, I realized what love was. I mean, she was concerned about my welfare and was sensitive to my needs. They both were gracious and wanting to help me. I didn't yelp, scream or yell, but I did breathe a lot and barely made it.
I am going to the doctor tomorrow. There, I said it. I cannot imagine going through this 3 more times since the latest wound is identical to the original bite. I have 4 bites on my left side in almost a perfect staight line. I cannot do 3 more of these to even it out. I will go crazy.
On a side note...I think this is Brian's way of reminding me that I am alive. This pain is immense and on going. I feel it and should relish that there is more out there for me to see, discover and survive. So, yes, I am going to the doctor tomorrow with Jimmy.

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