Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I think about my trip and I know that I need to reflect on it.
Thankfully, I am staying with my aunt this week and will have ample time to write, reflect and avoid distractions. Of course, I will work, a little, but having limited access to tv and a front porch inspires me to do something creative. I am too swayed by the convenience of watching Top Chef or Ugly Betty and put off my writing or doing something productive. I am ready to embrace the changes that I discovered in me.
First and foremost, I recognize that I have nothing to lose in terms of risking what I feel is concrete in my life. If I want to go to dinner, by myself, I will. I always manage to meet interesting people and a solid contact for future references. I enjoy walking, everywhere, since I can think, analyze and reflect on my trip and what direction I am heading in life. It sucks that I think of what I want to say when I am wandering around, but right now, I am at a loss for words of describing my trip and what it meant to me. I believe that I will have ample time this week to figure out what I need to say or even think about.
On a side note...I finally purchased my ticket to Las Vegas for Steve and Pocketsize's wedding. It will be great to celebrate with them and there are several friends of mine attending too. I feel fortunate to have my shifts covered, tickets bought and I am set to go. Fosh and Pocketsize are going shoe shopping with me and we are also going to get pedicures. I think that Fosh is more excited about it than I am. He might have a foot fetish!
Until later, I need to think.

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