Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Frasca Food and Wine...

I cannot wait for 8:45 tonight. I have dinner reservations at Frasca and I am stoked. I will be going with Fatz, Dave, Jimmy and Tiffany. Erik is questionable, but this is normal. I am not concerning myself with taking care of the others.
It was fantastic. We had the frico caldo--fried cheese and potatoes as an appetizer. I know that it is simple, but very satisfying. We also had a salumi as a starter, followed by gnocchi, ravioli and risotto. Keep in mind that there were five of us, and the plates are small, enough to entice the appetite and encourage another dish.
Tiffany and I shared the red snapper, Fatz and Jimmy each tried the halibut with a carrot puree and swiss chard and Dave was a red meat carnivore. I did not sample his meal.
I believe that my favorite was definitely the risotto. I enjoyed the halibut, but was not overjoyed with the red snapper.
For dessert, we had a strawberry rhubarb tart and chocolate malt. I loved the tart, but did not try the malt.
The wines were wonderful and since there were five of us, I was able to make it to yoga this morning. I loved the entire experience of it. I need to arrange to check out another restaurant and soon.

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