Wednesday, May 21, 2008

House hunting...

I am looking at a house today and I am hoping that this is the one.
I responded to an ad on Craig's List, but I received an odd response. I cannot tell if it is fact or fiction since it makes no sense. This man is in West Africa, where, I don't know, but his wife lives in New Jersey now and they want to sublet their place. They insist that I am honest person since they are and he advised me to contact his wife. She basically said the exact same thing, but without giving me much information outside of that they weren't in Colorado. He mentioned that he wanted to check in on an annual basis to see how I was enjoying the place, etc. It almost seemed like they were squatters. I don't know. Am I being too paranoid?
I like phone conversations, plus, I believe if it were true, there would be more information made available to me by now. I am passing on this one.
The one tonight is in my desired location and it is a 2 bedroom, one bathroom house. I am excited. My aunt is going with me to form a second opinion and be honest. Of course, I would like to return to my ideal location on 5th Avenue, but my landlord is such a flake that I don't want to get my hopes up. I mean, he told me that we could move in on Monday and then on Tuesday he completely withdrew the offer because he said that he and his wife had decided to sell the townhouse. Honestly, there are multiple homes on the market in that area and none of them are moving. I don't know what he is thinking!
I am off to think and consider how much I can spend on my new place....

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