Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Well, it is time to find a place. Fortunately, for me, my friend, Chichi, is also looking for a place. She is going to Scotland for 12 days and then will return to Denver and search for a place with me. Originally, she had wanted to return to Oregon, but there are new prospects in Denver. She is fun, honest and I believe a good roommate match for me. She likes the area that prefer to live in too. I hope that by June 1st, we will be in our place.
Work has been fun, but of course, it is a restaurant and so there is always drama and bullshit. The latest was comical and typical. I would go into it if I were abroad, but for now, I will keep my mouth shut and my thoughts to myself.
Tonight, I am going to the Rockies game with my cousin, Beau. I am excited to see my first Rockies game and hang out with him. I would like to be able to catch up with everything that he is doing.
I met Jimmy's niece, Amelia, today. She and her dad stopped by to pick up a package from Jimmy's mom. She sent them some personal items and a nice note for Amelia. I was surprised to see her since there is school today. She informed me that she is off track and I mentioned that my friend, Pocketsize, is a kindergarten teacher and that she too, is off track right now. They asked me where she teaches and I said that I didn't know, but that it was south. I said her name is Miss Lescynzki--i think that is how to spell it--and Amelia said--I know her. How ironic!
This week will be great and I am excited to stop by Solera tomorrow night to see Goose and have a fantastic meal. Also, I am hoping to see Sara Jo next week for wine and cookies. I cannot wait to see her.
Take care.............


Robin said...

Hi harmony-I often forget to look at your blog. Shari mentioned it a week or so ago, so thought I would checki it out. We have been busy with life, both of my parents in law are terminally ill with cancer, that has been taking its toll on us both. Terry's dad thinks it is horrible that "kids these days dont think they have time to plant a garden", we decided before he goes we must plant a garden. So we now have three rows planted. Neither one of us have time, but you should of seen that huge smile on his dad's face when we told him. I plan to take some pics and send them to him, who would of thought such a simple thing could bring such joy to his dad. I am on the down hill slide (yeha) with school, I have 10 classes left after this term. And of course, beutiful baby Wyatt, he is growing, Stef said on his last checkup he weighed 9 pounds and grew 3 inches. I get to watch him Saturday and we will be reading Business Law and Twidelbug Town Fair (Stef's fav when she was a baby) Wyatt loves the outdoors, he is so cute. Once you get an address we will be sure to send you some pic's. I am so proud of Stef, she is just so focused, she will start back to school in July.
that really suprises me about your lab stories. We have a big old teddy bear of a lab, he might lick you to much but other than that he is just a big cuddly baby.
That is great you will be getting your own place, that must mean you will be planting yourself in Denver for awhile. Well Harmony, I better some homework done, it is 10:30 and still have things to do. Take care

harmony said...

I made a few appointments to view apartments over the next few days. There is one that looks ideal and I like the location, but the realtor feels that it will get rented before I could view it on Wednesday. Unfortunately the only other showing is Mother's Day and I am working and I have objections to viewing apartments on that particular day. SHouldn't it be sacred or something?
I look forward to hearing more about Wyatt, the garden and your life.
Take care--Harmony