Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day Two

Day Two of the Seattle adventure with coffee, a light walk to retrieve Jack--their son, and a trip to the middle school gymnasium for Saturday morning basketball. I had not been to an elementary, middle or high school game, since I was in high school. I am fairly certain about that.
It was extremely entertaining. Jack's team were slight, compared to the mixed 5th-6th grade team that they were up against. They struggled to stop the lay ups and I believe the final score was 36-15. They were scrappy, though, and the coaches rotated the players in, every five minutes of the game.
Four years ago, I spent a weekend with Jean, Bob, and Jack. At that point, he was engaging and interested in me and his mom. This time around, as 10 year old, he had little interest in me or my sister. At his game and afterwards, he ignored us. Still, he is a cute kid and I enjoy seeing him.
We headed up to Woodinville to wine taste. There are 40 tasting rooms in an area about 40 minutes from Seattle. I was in heaven. I love wine tasting. I was a little disappointed with the rates, to wine taste; and, of course, some of the wineries were sub par. Overall, I loved Matthews, Efeste and Novelty Hill was fine. I liked how most of wineries offered crackers or cheese in addition to the wine. Michaela was our designated driver through this. Although, I made her sample a wine from Matthews and one from Efeste.
Later, we returned to their house and made dinner arrangements. We ate at Brunello, an Italian restaurant, in Snoqualmie Hill--I think. It was family friendly, but they also had a room roped off, for reservations. We snagged that table and it was ideal. I mean, we were separated from the chaos of the main dining room. We were able to have a meaningful meal. Again, the conversation flowed, food was lovely and the wine continued to impress.
Michaela had met Jean and Bob when they were living in Lawrence. We reminisced the international dinners we used to make, friends/acquaintances we had and just being younger. Day Two was a success.
We returned to their house and opened more wine. Again, I was the first to bed. Haven't quite figured that out. Michaela and Jean were up til 3.
The next morning, I know Michaela was hating life since she had to get up at 7 and drive home. Me, I finished my book, and greeted the 28th with coffee.

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