Thursday, March 11, 2010


I received my check, yesterday, that validated my endeavor.
I wasn't wrong.
I pursued the validity of it. I did the right thing.
For me, it took additional months to right the wrong that had been done to me. I know, in my heart, that the slumlord will think twice about returning a deposit, late.
I tried to warn the girls about the Slumlord. They didn't listen.
They broke their lease. Had I had their situation, I would done the same thing. However, I would have taken photos of the plumbing debacle. I would have documented the way I left the place since they broke the lease.
When I spoke to them, earlier in the week, they wanted to be done with the entire situation. They said, we don't care about the heat or plumbing--we just want to move beyond this.
I believe that is what most slumlords count on. They count on the difficulty involved with pursuing justice. It does cost money to sue someone and then the constant remembering the bad while trying to move beyond it. Moreover, there is never a simple solution. It is timely and slow moving.
For me, it is over. I no longer have to deal with this slumlord. He settled my claim and now, I can move forward, knowing that the court system can work.
Knowing that personal connections do work. I do appreciate the scotch drinking lawyers. Without them, I would have accepted the piddly deposit, knowing that I could pursue it, but unmotivated to make it right. I, too, wanted it to be done. At one point, my lawyer said--you can take him to small claims court or I can sue him. However, if you do not win, you are responsible for my fees. How would you like to proceed?
I knew, in that instant, that I wanted to sue him. I didn't want to handle it in small claims court. I wanted the Slumlord to know that I was serious about his negligence. I didn't want to let him off of the hook.
I am validated. I am grateful for scotch drinking lawyers and friends that supported me in this endeavor.
Oh, and Hailey--I did red wine!!!

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Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

WOO HOO! Congrats! Sometimes the good guy does win, and rightfully so. :)