Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday morning runs and conversations

I remember why I enjoyed running on Saturday mornings, all last summer. You get it out of the way, feel refreshed and energized.
Not lying.
Initially, the Goddess and I planned on running Friday at noon. They predicted a winter storm, but we were confident that we could run through it. She texted me Friday morning and inquired about our run date or if we should postpone it.
Realistically, we could have went. It would have been miserable. The snow was heavy, slushy and consistent. I was tired and unmotivated to meet her, anyways. I closed Thursday night and knew that I would be closing the next two nights.
We opted to go, early, Saturday morning.
She wanted to go at 8:00 a.m., but I knew that I would be unable to get out of bed by then. I was closing and there was a possibility that I would be up until 3:30 a.m. The idea of being up and ready for a run by 8, was not realistic or anything that I was looking forward to.
We settled for 9:15ish.
At 8:45, my alarm went off. I laid in bed and willed the time to stop.
At 9:05, I got up, dressed, contacts in, and stretched. I had the feeling that she might be late and so I took my time.
At 9:35, she called me to let me know that she had arrived. I thought of all of those additional minutes I could have rested in bed. I was sad, but I got over it. Really, I enjoy our runs and knew that I absolutely needed to run today. I could not put it off until tomorrow. I must run.
She brought me Yaktrax. Yea. They were awesome! They made a huge difference on our urban run. Instead of hoping/praying that we wouldn't slip and fall, I felt protected the entire time. Believe me, running in the winter can be treacherous. Both of us have fell while running. Plus, I contort to avoid the injury and tweak a completely separate area. Yes, it is challenging. YakTrax enabled a smooth run.
Our conversation was all over place--relationships, upcoming trips, friends, running, eating disorders.
Recently, I discovered that one of my friends has an issue with food. She feels food is necessary, but doesn't enjoy it. It seems so foreign to me; since, I absolutely plans trips around meals. I dream of foie gras or guacamole.
Without food, I wilt. I did go through a stretch of time, while grieving, that I didn't eat. I wasn't hungry. I existed. One day, I woke up and realized how stupid I was being since my whole relationship with Brian surrounded our mutual love of food.
Yesterday, I heard a segment on O.P.P--Other People's Problems--on the national radio station. This guy had written in that he was concerned about his wife for health reasons. She ate moderately well and worked out, but was unable to lose weight.
He continues with---well, my job is all about of my co-workers saw my wife at a buffet, going to town on anything and everything. I realized that she is a "secret" eater. What do I do? I want her to lose the 30 lbs.
Initially, he sounded compassionate. He finished like a jerk, though. I think eating disorders are about control. It isn't about wanting to be fat or super skinny. It is a disease. One which I do not understand since I abhor vomiting, ever; and again, I love food! I cannot imagine not eating to restrict my weight. And once I knew my friend had issues with food, I found myself watching her eat or move stuff around on her plate. It is frustrating as an outsider. I am certain that it must be devastating as the significant other or individual that battles this specific problem.
Back to running--it was great and I am grateful that the Goddess insisted we go. Otherwise, I would be getting up, now, and berating myself for being lazy.
Enjoy your day!

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