Thursday, March 4, 2010

In an effort to be kind to myself.........

In an effort to be kind to myself--I bought flowers today. Purple, lovely and very beautiful.
Two weeks ago, I bought flowers from the local Whole Foods, made dinner and drank wine. Those flowers survived until today.
I have concluded that I should always have flowers in my house in 2010. And, Whole Foods will keep me stocked.
Anyways, last Thursday, in an effort to avoid erupting verbally on someone, I painted my room. I started the process of it. I painted three walls and then stopped so that I could meet the Goddess, for drinks. Her birthday won.
The following day, I flew to Seattle--which, believe me, I know, I need to blog about--and returned Tuesday evening.
I closed, last night, and worked today. I suppose, I am trying to explain why I didn't finish painting or blogging, until this evening.
I had a small amount of paint left. It was in a 5 gallon bucket in my box that once held my Egyptian Cotton Sheets.
I taped the wall, prepared my chair with newspaper, and had a large cloth covering my floor. I started painting and realized that I did not have much to work with. By far, the 4th floor lacks paint and is sketchy; but, it is painted and that is what I am focusing on.
Afterwards, in an effort to clean up and rearrange my space, I put my bed back together. I had washed the sheets. I made the bed. I plugged the t.v. in my room. I situated the dresser.
I rinsed the paint brush and roller. I cut my new flowers. I threw the five gallon bucket out into the garbage. It was mostly empty and as I contemplated te lack of trash, I realized that I had left my receipt in the box that held the 5 gallon bucket of paint. It had my name, my address and I couldn't remember if it had any other pertinent information. For sure, I knew it had my name/address.
I returned to the garbage bin.
I considered the depth of the empty bin and returned to my house. I thought I could top the bucket with trash from my house, but I couldn't, since I had been out of town and had recyclables only.
I went to the bin, for the second time, and put my limited trash on it. I returned to my house.
I contemplated the entire identity theft thing. I had to go back outside to get that darn receipt. I walked out. I jumped up on the side of the trash receptacle, grabbed the bucket and lifted the box out. I found the receipt. SCORE. I had to do it.
Then, I realized how comical the entire situation was. I knew if someone had been watching me, they would have thought--what a moron! But, I had to have that receipt.
I am being kind to myself, my needs and desires. Tomorrow, I will get a massage at Izba--LOVELY! Over the next few days, I will blog about my experience in Seattle.
Be well.

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