Sunday, October 16, 2011

How I spend my Sunday

Walk around area  day number two...found the preferred street to frequent.  Quiet, beautiful and a nice thoroughfare.  Untouched, as of yet, of grafitti or street walkers.  Clean.  It has a bike lane and mostly filled with cyclists.  Sunday is the ideal day for a ride.  Several people were out enjoying the beautiful day.
I walked up to a marketplace and made use of a birthday gift.  This has definitely been my year of bra is all I am saying.  Hail to the secret.  Managed to pick up perfume mister in addition to a few other necessary items.  I am finding my ideal scent.  In all honesty, heavenly, has always been a favorite.  Branching out some, 2011.  Gotta say--I love gift cards!
Afterwards, hungry, I considered my options.  Return to rental and make a salad. Only that did not sound that appeasing.  I wanted a sandwich and a glass of wine.  That sounded divine.  Attempting to talk myself out of it--the wine factor--I thought of what else could work.  Biking up to Whole Foods and having a custom sandwich which could work or there were a few other eateries that did not have wine.  Really, as you can see, I was trying to be "good".  I envisioned hummus or pitas and knew of a spot but that required more walking.  At this point, I wanted convenience...oh, and wine.
I walked into the eatery that I knew had half price wine during the day.  Yep, that sold me.  Wine wins another Sunday.  Ironically, knew the bartender, too.  I sat there and he goes, you know, I remember you.  I visited Denver in 2005 to attend a football game, being a colts fan, and you waited on me....what?  All I could think was... was it a good experience?  I didn't ask that since I know that it was.  I mean, come on, if he mentioned it, obviously, I made a good impression.
We chatted about Denver, somewhat, and other associations we shared. He knows my friend, Kat, and lives near where I work.  I ordered a turkey, brie and fig sandwich--delightful and enjoyed a few glasses of wine.  Perfect way to spend a Sunday.
I made a to do list and thought about my life.  Eventually, another person sat at the bar.  However he was on his phone.  Annoying and unpleasant.  (Pet peeve #3, behind,  clipping toe nails in public or licking fingers while eating hot wings or any other type of greasy food..yuck)!  I overheard him say sous chef and another local spot that I knew the owner.  So, being me, and nosy, I ask him if he worked there and he goes--no, I work at Kona.  Funny.  I know a few people that work there, too.
This guy is moving to Spain to seek a new life.  Good for him!  I think it is awesome.  He made some left field comment about always being able to rely on working in a kitchen like it was a maintenance job.  I interjected--I love chefs.  I love food.  You are fortunate to be skilled in that department. 
Sure, I am confident in the kitchen but getting a position in a kitchen is definitely out of my wheel house.  I was little offended that he played it off like it meant nothing.  Come on, you work with food!  Exciting~
I wished him luck with his future endeavors.  Spain is fantastic from what i hear and I was off.  Off to siesta and eventually do another walkabout.  Salad for dinner.  I love it!

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