Sunday, October 9, 2011

Viva las vegas...isn't that a song?  Or a theme?  A saying?
Finally, I booked a hotel for my upcoming half marathon.  Talk about being lazy..yes, that is me.  Lazy.  A ton going on.  However, knew that I needed to figure it out.  Similarly, to the Phoenix 1/2, work, wine, upcoming travel and currently, watching Veronica Mars.  Loved that show.  Yes, adore cult shows...some of them...that is.  This show was awesome.  Bummed that it got canceled.
I watched a movie, early, today and had to wait, watch, savor, wait, and hope for the internet connection to struggle.  The movie was awful.  About a young girl that fell for the advances of an older man on line and the fall-out it created for the family.  I watched and kept thinking--how do you (as a 14-yr-old) justify, that it being intimate with a 35-yr-old is normal?  It began as I am in high school.  He hooked her into his b.s. and said--I am twenty.
Actually, I am a grad student.  do you hate me?
A fourteen year old girl has no idea how to deal with an older man.  Especially, a middle aged man that seems reasonable.  He plays to her naivety.  Her immaturity. 
I thought you could handle told me you could.....remember when you talked to me the last few months?
Yep...hook, line, sinker.
Simple girl.  Unknowing and awful flick, for sure.  Especially when it kept stalling and making me reboot the system.  No bueno, for sure....
Adore veronica mars and am extremely thankful to watch it, again. 

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