Friday, October 14, 2011

obviously, I love my car....

Hmmmm...emissions test....why is it so necessary?
As my plates approached expiration, I considered my options.  Get car tagged here or venture back to Denver and deal with the emissions test.  As much as I love Denver ( I do and feel it is always home to me), the thought of driving for that test left me cold.  Instead, I became an adult and got my test here.  Sitting through the procedure, I had a sense of foreboding.  I knew that I was going to fail this test.  Don't know how, but, knew it.  Yep.  Failed the evaporation part of it.  They kindly tell me that I need to have my car fixed, hand me a diagram and point to a list of available mechanics in the area. 
I have a mechanic.  It's a love/hate relationship I have decided.  They suck at communication and the second visit left me feeling like I should locate a new shop.  However, due to convenience, I dropped Veronica off, Wednesday.  I had prearranged an appointment--2 pm--knowing, it was likely they wouldn't figure out problem til Thursday a.m.
No call, all day, yesterday.  Finally, I call them as they are closing and leave a message.  I like knowing what is going on.  At 6, they call me back and say--we haven't determined the problem yet.  We will begin, again, first thing tomorrow morning.
I wait.  And wait.  Did I mention that I waited, all day, til 4:20 (irony here) to get a call.  They replaced a hose and retested the pressure.  Still unable to pressurize led to more testing.  Finally, they discover the problem located on top of my fuel tank.  Cheap parts, but the labor issue, well, that is the thing.  Of course, they need to order parts and maybe get them Monday.  Which means, I won't see my car this weekend or, at all, til next weekend.  I am so freaking annoyed.
I called my dad and he says--maybe it's time to get a new car....Other people have suggested this and I know it is an option. But, I am not there yet.  Yes, this sucks and I am angry, but even if I had a newer vehicle, I would still have to deal with the emissions issue.
Next time, I am seeking out other mechanics purely to find someone that knows how to communicate in a manner of which I am accustomed.  This wait around b.s. is over!  Why make appointments if they are not going to be honored?  Seriously, I could have avoided the $30 cab ride on Wednesday. 
I have a good life.  I have great support and ultimately, I am happy. I love my car, too.  I will stop ranting now...promise.
Enjoy your night!


Tyra Shortino said...

It's clear that you have issues with your mechanic. I suggest you find other shops in your area. There a might be a shop out there that would satisfy your car and communication needs.

Tyra Shortino

Delsie said...

What happened a year after this not-so-good experience? I hope that you were able to find a mechanic that you can work well with. Bringing your car to a competent mechanic is as important as having the right parts for your car. Tons of accidents arise from poor car maintenance and service, not to mention the frustration that you’ll experience. I hope this doesn’t happen to you again, Harmony.

Delsie Maidens

Patrick said...

Having a bad mechanic is a death sentence for your car, Harmony! There are a lot of mechanics out there that are true experts; they can handle the work your car requires and cater to your needs professionally. Because cars are a prized possession, you should leave it into the hands of someone you trust.

Patrick Gauer