Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Memory

Four years ago almost to the day, I was standing in this hotel room in L.A. showing off how I would get around other countries.  Looks ridiculous, I know, but how else could I travel for five months with a few belongings?  At that point, I still had guidebooks in the bottom of my backpack.  Thankfully, I left those with my friends.  Talk about uncomfortable.  There were several times when I considered chucking all of my clothes since I was tired of carting them around.  Limited belongings still weigh something. be traveling.  Wonderful memories for sure.  I am on a new venture and it feels fantastic.  Must figure out ttransportation this afternoon and so I need to conclude this for now.  I leave you with this--Smile.  Breathe and enjoy your Monday.  I am smiling (really) just thinking about that wonderful trip and reason for the blog.

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