Thursday, October 27, 2011

weekend recap

Wine inspired (induced) weekend.  I must take a break from the lovely juice to give my liver a break.  Unfortunately, I need to sample wine to figure out the current list that we will be offering at the restaurant.  I am determined to spit, not inhale, as is, the normal way I drink wine.  Damn Jenn and Rob.  They spent the weekend in Tempe and entertained me.  Originally, the plan was for Rob to participate in the half ironman in Tempe, but, his training sort of went to the wayside.  It became a spectating event instead.
I must say, spectating, at the finish was pretty incredible.  Our friends met up during the run and chose to cross the finish line holding hands.  Too cute.  This married couple have done several events together.  He was ahead of her due to his start, but she caught up with him during the run.  Their finish was lovely.
Plus, it was nice to lend support at the finish line.  There is just something about hearing your name yelled when you accomplish an endurance event.  Or, I enjoy it.
Regardless, since it was a spectating weekend, I joined Jenn and Rob and showed them a mini tour of Tempe.  We enjoyed my favorite wine spot in Arcadia, they visited me at the cellar and made a brief stop at a brewery.  Jenn was a little hungover from Saturday and so our plan of mimosa brunch got kiboshed before it could begin.  Thankful for that.  Last night could have went south quickly had I started the day with mimosas. 
I wish we had had more time to tour the city.  I wanted to show them a few more spots before they had to return to Denver.  They are always gracious and curious about eateries.  I love that.  I love dining with people that enjoy food/wine as much as I do. 
I think the lunch spot worked best.  We shared a bottle of wine while eating an array of tapas--bruschetta, olives, cheese and a salad.  I think this is my preferred way to dine.  Sampling as many items as possible with friends.  We didn't eat at the brewery since they went to In and Out Burger.  Apparently, it is a wonderful burger that I have yet to try.  I made eggs instead, grabbed a coffee and met up with them to spectate the race.  We had some time to explore and so I asked them what they wanted to do.  Rob wanted to check out a local brewery and ironically, there was a wonderful one in the area.  Somber outing since Jenn was still feeling the wine of Saturday. 
We parted ways so that they could fly back to Denver.  I continued the Sunday tradition of stopping into the local wine bar.  Tried bruschetta this time around.  Yummy.
I need to conclude this.  I am uninspired as this is the fourth time I have attempted to post this particular event.  Either I have had interruptions with the internet or the blogger has been difficult.  It's been annoying.

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