Thursday, October 13, 2011

future road trips

I see a trip to home in my near future.
Must make it happen.  Actually, I did make it happen.  Thought about it, envisioned, and presto, trip home to grab items is happening.  It entails a road trip and some bud lite--I think.  No, not for me, but for my gracious host.  The man that offered to pick up my belongings and bring them to my current rental.  This guy is a gem.  He likes Bud Lite...uncertain of how to break him of this habit.   Plan on giving him my stock after we drop off my belongings.  He can have all of the said beer.
Cannot wait to be home and see friends.  I am uncertain of when to meet up with my road trip factor.  I would love to have coffee with Sara Jo, see Jenn K, Goddess and others.  The trip will be short, sweet and to the point.  If only, I had more time.
It's not really my time line that I am concerned about either. It's the bud lite factor.  He is the tour guide and if he chooses to take off (immediately) what can I say?  It's his choice as he is the pilot of the trip.  I mean, I have friends (several) that I would love to see.  Coffee, wine, food.  Did I mention my fravorite eatery in Denver? 
Unfortunately, certain that my desire to eat well could color my friend's taste.  Yes, I am in love with food.  There are restaurants that I dream about.  However, this trip is quick and impulsive. Hoping to meet up with friends and enjoy the city.
It's happening.  Soon and then I will return to life in the valley.  It is right and felt right, in march.  Glad that I went down this path.
Of course, would love to spend three days in the metro area.  Food, wine, friends.  Still, think it's impulsive and about convenience.  Not pushing the envelope this time...

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