Thursday, October 27, 2011

significant day

10/27/2011--officially the end of birthday month.  Bummer!  Then, I consider, did I do enough celebrating?  No.  I spent a big chunk of change on Veronica which decreased my desire to travel or eat.  Actually, that isn't true.  I was out of town for four days, entertained Shari for four days and used public transport in the meantime. 
This birthday was stellar.  Of course, I always try to extend it.  Next year, I will manage to create more celebrating/less stressing over vehicle.  I attained a two year plate so I won't have to deal with dmv until 2013.  Even then, I think my car will be an antique.  No more testing--thankfully!  Must hold out til then.
October 27th also brings about memories of travel.  This was my departure date.  The night I spent in Los Angeles watching the Rockies get schlacked in the world series.  Ugly game.  I remember (vividly), wishing they would turn the tv off so I wouldn't watch the blood bath.  Talk about rolling over...
Regardless, I left what I felt was my normal life with a travel pack, day pack, rain coat and desire to see the world.  That trip inspired this blog, me, my past, present and future.  What a day to embark on a new adventure! 
A fond memory and beautiful experience.  I was funny.  I still believe that.  I had a lot to work with.  Meeting fellow travelers, locals, foods, porta potties, customs, traditions, you name it, I felt it.  Lovely day and memory.

Outside my hostel in Voli Voli, Fiji. A couple days into the trip, but, can you say beautiful?  Man, do I miss Fiji.  Stunning country inspite of the lousy indian meal I experienced on tour. 

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