Tuesday, October 11, 2011

another encounter with unpleasantries

Yesterday was a lovely day.  Yoga in the a.m. instead of attempting a mid-morning run.  I made scrambled eggs for lunch (delightful) with some tasty salsa, followed by an easy breezy shift.  Steady amount of people--some new, some regulars--until my least favorite customer returned.  Let me back up some...I met this guy a few weeks ago when he first made an appearance.   Initially, he seemed harmless, liked wine, seemed knowledgeable and owned a yoga studio.  He gave me a complimentary class card which peeked my interest.  Not going to lie....I enjoy yoga and needed to find a new studio that was location friendly and reasonable.  Rates for yoga classes are not cheap.  In Denver, I frequented a studio where I was paying $120 a month for unlimited classes.  At first, this didn't bother me.  The more you went, the less it was.  I think I was down to $5/per class which I was benefitting from.  I enjoy yoga...I do.
However, I prefer when studios cap classes.  This chain of studios does not practice that which annoyed me after a while.  I grew tired of having to arrive, super early, to ensure an unemcumbered space.  Even then, there were numerous times when people would arrive late and expect to move me over to find a touch of space to practice yoga.  For those of you who don't know...yes, I have, space issues.  Eventually, I canceled my membership out of annoyance for the class size.
Back to the story...this man offered me an opportunity to practice yoga.  I overlooked some of his amorous advances until they wouldn't stop.  He was aggressive and out of control.  Quote unquote--guess my age...come on, you should....and if you guess wrong, you have to kiss me....RIGHT.  Like I would even consider this.  Older, bloated personality, unattractive man.  Not to mention, he was cheap.  10% cheap.  Never going to happen.
When he finally left, one of the other customers turned to me and said--wow, that guy was a dick.
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Hoped that this guy would wake up and realize what a jackass he had been and never step foot into the establishment again.  I had decided to skip any sort of appearance at the yoga studio and I wrote him off.
Until he reappeared last week and acted like nothing had happened.  No. this time, he ate bar snacks while licking his fingers, excessively, to the point where no one else wanted to touch the bowl of snacks.  I kept envisioning how he would eat hot wings and was mortified at the image.  My eyes were bleeding to say the least. 
That night, he didn't mention his behavior.
Last night, there is a foursome that had been amusing me.  I see the guy walk down the stairs and immediately, I am annoyed.  Great, I think.  I am going to have to deal with this moron again.  The foursome close out and I am like--ouch--how am I going to survive being alone with him?
It lasted five minutes.  During this time, he chose to say--I feel that I was a little amorous the first time I met you.
Surprised and so I say--I appreciate that.
He couldn't let it lie and he continued with...I was overserved....
Really?  You call that an apology?  Right.  I now know you are a complete jackass.
Another customer descends to break up the  monotony.  I am grateful to the interloper and head upstairs to talk over the moron to my co-workers.  They concur that the guy is a complete dick.
I return downstairs and the yoga guy starts in again...did you accept my apology?
I said, yea.  (not extremely convincing).
He responds--well, so, you will check out my yoga studio....
Talk about not giving up or letting it go.  He managed to bring up me taking a yoga class three more times until finally, he paid his tab and left.  I felt like I needed a shower when he finally made his exit. 
Yes, extremely unpleasant man to deal with but at least it provides comedy for others....

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