Sunday, October 30, 2011

productive Sunday

Yay!  Found a massage therapist, finally!  After struggling through several mediocre massages, I have a gifted therapist. 
Ironic, too.  As I waited in the office I chatted up the receptionist.  She's a student at ASU and friendly.  I wanted to know her insight into some of their therapists.  We discussed who she felt was great after I told her that I had been having difficulty finding the "one" for me.  I noted some of the previous visits and how I did not enjoy trigger release therapy.  I think I made some comment that I could be dead and still not feel anything.  Granted, later in the day, I do feel the effects of the trigger release.  While in the massage, it does nothing for me.  Having someone use one hand to apply pressure to one area for 2-3 minutes is not a massage in my opinion.
I digress.  I was frustrated that I had not found a therapist that I would be excited to return too.  I am a member of this studio and so I have one massage per month until I cancel the membership.  I was almost to that point, too.  Why pay for a massage that is mediocre?  I believe in body maintenance and the benefits of a monthly massage.  I want a therapist that I like.
Today, I found him.  His focus is on injury and sports massage.   Immediately, I sensed that I had found my massage therapist.  He reminded me of Sean, my old therapist in Denver.  Sean was a runner and so he understood some of my aches/pains.  Brandon is similar.  After the massage he diagnosed some of my problem areas.  I have tenderness in my right ankle that he felt. I go, yea, I sort of forgot to mention my recent sprained ankle. 
I am so thankful to have found Brandon.  I will return to the studio knowing that my massage will be stellar.  Afterwards, I tackled my car.  Not only did it need a visit to the car wash, but an interior cleaning as well.  I found some leather cleaner in my trunk that I believe Brian had purchased.  He loved my car and took care of her.  He would be so disappointed in the current state of Veronica.  Polished and vacummed.  What an improvement.  Must remember to do more than once every six years. 
Moreover, while attempting to clean up the appearance of my car, I remembered how my dad would wash and wax his vehicles on Sundays.  What a process.  I think it would take up most of the afternoon.  He would beam with pride after he finished washing his car. 
Lovely day to be productive.  I started the day, late, and thought I need to fix this.  My run got pushed to tomorrow and so I opted to be active in other ways.  My to-do list is dwindling.  I suppose I can find other tasks to accomplish and cross off.
Enjoy your night~

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