Saturday, October 22, 2011

the last few days

Brief vacay and no internet access.  Sacrilege (sometimes) and this past week, I enjoyed not being able to connect easily.  It forced me to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.
Denver is always a welcoming city.  I love it there and believe that it will always be my home.  I had the opportunity to fly home, visit friends and collect my belongings.  I wanted to display my conch shell and thankfully, I did pack it amongst the random boxes of stuff that I wanted to keep but not bring in my car.  Decisions, decisions.  When I began my find myself trip, I had to make decisions about what should go with me and what needed to be left behind.  The conch shell was one of those things that was packed away to be rediscovered at a later date.  I was thrilled when I unwrapped it yesterday.
Anyways, I had a whirlwind trip to Denver and managed to see some friends.  Not enough time, though, to do everything that I had intended to do.  I feel awful that I was unable to see my aunt and it was completely my fault.  I ran out of time and began enjoying chimays.  My day sort of got away from me.  The intent was to meet her for dinner but the day went askew when my friend, Chipper, was delayed on the road.  Initially, the plan was to meet up at noon for lunch and then assess how to arrange my things.  Due to an accident on 1-80 he did not arrive until almost five pm.  In an attempt to see people and amuse myself with stories/updates, I met my friend, Melissa, for lunch at cap grille.  Lovely to see her and inspired with wine and decandent food.  Plus, I knew the bartender and manager which is always a nice perk of being in the service industry.  Lunch extended and before I knew it, my window to meet for dinner had closed.  It just all got away from me.
And, as much as I wanted to see everyone, I couldn't make Chipper sit through a parade of important people in my life.  It isn't for him.  And, I knew that.  Sure, I wanted to see everyone and get updated on how life was treating them, but I had to think of him, too.  He offered to pick up my things and I needed to keep him somewhat happy, too.  There will be other trips and of course, I will see my aunt and others for sure.
I started out sprinting with the friends and it continued until we left the city.  I managed to dine at watercourse, elway's, solera and pick up a breakfast burrito at santiago's.  Not to mention spend time with the goddess, sara jo, jenn, Steve, GQ and a few other friends that I had not seen in a great while.  Running into Dave was a lovely surprise, too.  I ran into him at a coffee shop near his house.  I think it surprised both of us and then we were both regretful that it concluded so quickly.  Again, I see myself enjoying wine with him in the future.  He is building a wine cellar in his basement that definitely interests me.  Yep, I see Denver in my future.
I need to update more but I have a lot of things to figure out this morning.  Veronica is still at the shop since my mechanics suck.  There is no polite way to say it.  I dropped my car off ten days ago and due to lack of communication, on their part (per usual), I must find a new mechanic.  I understand ordering parts and having them delivered but once they received them (yesterday), they should have begun work on my car immediately.  Instead, they said, well, maybe Monday or Tuesday.  WTF?  Get my car fixed.  I need it to function in this city.  As such, I am off to pick up my rental so that I can attend to my priorities. 
Enjoy today.  I have friends, in town, here, so I am sure I will have more stories to blog about.....

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