Sunday, October 9, 2011

return to mexico

This past week, I decided to visit the beach.  I called my friend (texted--actually) and asked if he would be around this upcoming week.  He responded that he was probably heading to the States to deal with car issues and said, come down tomorrow.  I am off til Friday.
Since I had a few days free and I failed the emissions test, I figured why not?  I asked a few guys about the likelihood of me not making it to Mexico and back safely.  Each one felt confident that Veronica would perform fine.  I packed a bag and headed south.  For the first time, ever, I got stopped on the mexican side of the border.  Unbelievable.  This guy directed me to a parking spot and I waited.  And waited and waited.  I knew that I couldn't take off and not be chased.  So, I sat there, patiently waiting, to be addressed.  I saw a few others get stopped too.
The agent asked me a few questions and I was off.  No big deal, at all.  Honestly, I get more grief from the u.s. agents on a routine basis.  Do you have family in Rocky Point?  Why are you visiting?  Where do you live in the States?  What do you do?  etc....all, I think is, why do you care?
Regardless, I follow the signs to Puerto Penasco and am tranquil.  Peaceful until the road stops in front of a circus.  Yes, not kidding.  Road deadended into a circus.  I turned around and considered my options.  I could try to figure it out or stop and ask a kind woman, preferably.  I could try to call Jonny.  I turned my phone on.  No service in Mexico since i hadn't set it up.  Not to mention, you hear stories of people stealing access to cell phones in other countries.  Nope.  Phone was not going to work.
I look around and again, assess, the situation.  Unfortunately, all I encountered was the police or gas station attendants.  I chose door #2.  I approached an attendant and asked him how to get to the road to Rocky Point.
His response--I don't speak english...right?!!!
I listened to him explain it to me in spanish.  I told him thank you and good day.  His response.  Your welcome.  No english my ass.
I found the road and headed to Rocky Point with no further issues.  When I arrived, Jonny, was like--I thought your car broke down.  Jesus!  It took you a long time to get here. 
Two days in Rocky Point.  Blissful.  The water was exceptional and the first day was long and full of laughter.  The second day, we had mimosa brunch with some of Jon's friends and enjoyed the beach.  That night we watched baseball and a movie.  Semi-lame, but Friday meant I would be returning to the States and Jon would be working.  I have seen him function, hungover, and it isn't pretty.  Definitely made the right decision to have an easy Thursday as opposed to a raging experience.
Grateful that I chose to drive down too.  It was beautiful and a nice change from the desert.  Love the beach~

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