Sunday, October 9, 2011

staples in my kitchen

I was walking, aimlessly, and considering my livelihood.  Recently, I have been more adept at cooking. Well, not in Mexico.  For whatever reason, Jonny, always insists on making meals.  Like I am inept in the kitchen which is a complete joke.  For real.  I know how to use knives in addition to boiling water.  Not that he is bad...he's not.  He just doesn't even consider that perhaps I could make a meal.  The other night he made bacon wrapped steak.  It was okay.  Out of anything, inferior product.  Not skill.  I did enjoy the black beans.  He's made eggs in the past and always does everything.  Thankfully, he lets me at least clean up after the meal. 
Anyways, I was walking around enjoying the beautiful weather and considering my lifestyle.  I realized that there are things that I cannot live without.  First off--carrot cake.  I texted the Goddess to let her know that I have still not found carrot cake to celebrate my birthday.  WTH?  I cannot believe that I have went on this long without the delightful carrot cake.  Again, remember, this is a want, not a staple in my kitchen.
Nope, I always have onions, garlic and olive oil.  These are things that I cannot live without.  Well, and of course, wine.  I always have wine in my house.  That would be sacrilege to not have at least one bottle to offer someone.  (or myself after a strenuous day...)
I enjoy tomatoes, avocados, tortillas and salsa.  All things that I typically keep stocked.  When I was in college, I had nothing outside of wine and coffee.  I believe my sisters can all attest to that.  I have always worked in restaurants where it is easier to dine there then come home at 2 a.m. and eat a meal.  Regardless, I enjoy hummus and cucumbers too.  Do you see the theme?  Lots of vegetables and eggs, too.  Must perfect the technique on that one.  I love eggs in the morning with tortillas and salsa. 
Currently have bud lite too.  I are shocked.  I am shocked and it's not mine.  I loathe bud lite.  In all honesty, I drink budweiser with my dad since he has it stocked at his house.  I don't mind it and it's fine.  Bud Lite is a different story and obviously, this is stocked for a guest that prefers this beverage.  Otherwise, no bud lite.  Just porter and wine....I am hoping to unload the unwanted beer soon too.  I think it implies that I like it...which I don't.  Cannot help it.  I am a snob.  Yep, can say it.  I am a food snob.
A few weeks ago, Shari visited and said--my sisters think you turned me into a foodie or snob.  Either way, I am happy to have that title.  Why put crap into your body that isn't enjoyable or good for you.  I cannot even remember the last time I have had fast food.  Well, in the Bahamas, I ate fried chicked on the boat, after snorkeling, and it was excellent.  No lie. I truly enjoyed the chicken. 
I see a breakdown in the near future to appease a certain someone to illustrate that I am not completely high maintenance.  They offer salad, right?  Or, I have always loved the frosty factor at Wendy's.  Ice cream is in my blood.
So, yes, I have staples in my kitchen....onions, garlic, salt, olive oil, wine, coffee/creamer, tortillas and a mix of vegetables.  I can absolutely sustain on this.

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