Thursday, October 27, 2011

necessary tasks

Today, I had the opportunity to help someone put together a resume.  Like me it had been years since dealing with this task.  I vaguely remember compiling one in high school.  It's been a great while. Most jobs that I have held were due to personal relationships or timing.  A resume was not necessary until this year.
This past summer it was fun to find a way to promote myself in a creative way.   In all honesty, I procrastinated, hoping to get out of it.  I really did not want to put it together.  I remember looking it over, spell checking, having my sister and another friend dissect it before selecting a nice paper to print it on.  Jan, my friend, has oodles of paper to choose from.  Love that she had so many choices.  Not fun in any way.  Still necessary and I am glad that I finally got around to doing it. 
I consulted my sister, Michaela, about a template for construction.  She e-mailed me a site that would have examples.  I considered having her look it over but based on the tone of her e-mail, I knew, that she didn't have time.  She has been extremely busy with work.  Too stressed to look over another resume.
I sat down with my friend and went over his work history.  Drinking wine aided in that process and this morning I noticed how terrible my notes were.  I couldn't discern some of the scribble.  Darn that wine!
Anyways, I typed it up, looked it over and found difficulty in the selected action words.  Operate could only be used once, maybe twice, but definitely not under the same company.  There is just not another good word to replace operate when it comes to machinery.  Eventually, I told him we should either combine tasks and figure out another responsibility he had while working at specific work sites.  We ended it with a reference to personal references.  Mine, I listed volunteer work and hobbies.  Possibly my favorite part of compiling my work history.  Showcasing travel, wine, food, due to being employed.
Regardless, I believe it was decent.  No errors in spelling, grammar and when you read it aloud, it flowed. The paper was fine and he got the job.  Mostly due to personal references but putting together the resume helped me respect others that I viewed today.  I stopped into work to check in and decided to look over some of the applicants.  It's shocking how little some people value themselves.  Spelling errors, font choice, paper....overall appearance does make a difference.  I did not enjoy taking the time to make my resume but I know it looks clean and makes sense.  I am just a stickler when it comes to grammar, etiquette and courtesy.  Have some pride is all I am saying.
Compiling my friend's was definitely easier since I had experienced this necessary thing a few months ago.  And, it deducted some of what I owe him for the road trip from Denver.  I don't know if I will ever be able to repay him...

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