Sunday, October 9, 2011


Good morning, Sunday~
Finally, beautiful weather.  No a/c necessary.  Pure sleep in weather.  Love it!  Grateful for this.  The last few weeks I have actually formulated somewhat funny stories only to try to post them, here, and not be able to.  Talk about extremely frustrating.  Finally, last night, I was able to post a few things that have happened but they seem disconnected.  Darn the connection about my place.  It is a continual struggle to establish good service.  I must look into the wi-fi issues as it is not working for me. 
Regardless, the last few weeks have been about compassion and travel.  I spent five days in  Missouri visiting my dad and Dori.  I saw Jade and Jasmin, too, and corresponded with Michaela frequently.  She was unable to fly out that particular week.  It was bittersweet to be there knowing that Dori was approaching the end of her life.  We celebrated her birthday on the 22nd so that I could be part of the celebration.  Homemade cake, flowers and the love of family surrounded her.  I wished her peace and told her I loved her. 
The following Tuesday she passed away.  Sad, bittersweet, but peaceful, too.  Watching her lay there and not be able to communicate her needs was devastating to us all. 
I went hiking, that Tuesday, to clear my head and celebrate my life.  While hiking, I twisted my ankle and had to laugh about it.  I had overheard this couple discuss the ankle factor and ten minutes later I twisted mine.  Awesome.
I picked Shari up from the airport and we explored the valley.  Checked out my favorite restaurants and she met my friend, Jonny.  For once, he was semi-normal...not ultra hyper or ADDish.  He treated us to dinner and drinks at a local eatery and amused us with stories. 
We talked about daydrinking, Wednesday, relying on public transport and exploring the downtown area only work demanded his return.  Bummed, for sure, since Jonny always knows fun places to explore.  I figure there is always next time to show Shari more of his color. 
Instead, Shari and I met up with Jan for a lovely meal.  We tried tapas.  Lovely way to enjoy a meal.  Brief encounter but Jan had other priorities to contend with.  Her husband was out of town on a fishing vacation and her dogs needed attention. 
Prior to our dinner with Jan, Wednesday offered us a chill sort of day.  I iced my ankle and Shari read my library book.  The Dogs of Babel is a beautiful engrossing story.  I have read it a few times and Shari, too, got caught up in the tale.  If you have time and enjoy a wonderful novel, check it out.
Thursday Shari and I went on our mandatory six mile walk.  Somehow, we manage to find a lengthy walk on our visits.  Afterwards, we were sitting at a brewery when Shari exclaims--I really want another tattoo.  Twenty minutes later, and we both are seated in chairs to have work done.  Talk about impulsive, spontaneous and the ideal way to celebrate the birthday visit.  I really love that we did this.  I still cannot believe that I got a tattoo but I love what it signified for me.  I feel extremely healthy/happy/peaceful in life. 

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