Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yesterday I dropped my car off, again, to have some work done.  Failing an emissions test has consequences.
I had other responsibilities, too.  Wine tasting, wine tasting, wine tasting.  Tough day, right?  I dopped my car off and then hoped (prayed) that I would be able to convince a friend of mine to pick me up.  He was in town, ironically, also having his emissions test done.  He, too, failed.  I texted to see where he was but after the failed emissions, he had other plans.  I walked to a lovely wine bar and considered my options.  Walking home was out of the question and so I chose to have a glass of wine.  I walked in to a crowded eatery and the bartender greeted me immediately.
Gracious and helpful.  He pointed out that there were a few seating options.  One between two older gentleman; or a chair, down the bar, by a guy standing up on the phone.  I opted for the seat near the two men.  They seemed less obnoxious. 
I sat down, ordered a wine and minded my own business.  I chatted with the bartender, somewhat, and looked around the bar.  They had a nice crowd with most people enjoying the remainder of happy hour.  They advertise $5 wine, all day/everyday, from 11-5.  Yes, I love this special.  I think it is awesome and their selection is quite splendid.  Changes quarterly and always innovative. 
I was scoping out their strategy, admittedly, too.  Super comfortable place where most people feel confident enjoying wine or beer alone.  I like the concept. 
Eventually, I did converse with the two gentleman.  I asked how they met and if they meet once a month for wine.  Watching their interactions implied they met often.  They informed me that they met at a coffee shop eight years ago.  The barista knew them and made a point to introduce them as she felt they had similar interests.  They both were kind customers that frequented the coffee shop, solo.  Her introduction led to eight years of coffee shops, happy hours and conversations.  Really sweet.
I think the entire time I talked to those guys, the other available seat guy was on his phone, ranting about who knows what?  He seemed skittish.  He was up on his phone the entire time.  Why go out, in public, if all you are going to do is rudely talk on your phone?
Regardless, I finished my wine and took a cab back home.  Now I know what that costs if I want to hang out in that area of town.  Too bad the light rail does not go there yet.
And, I have a new coffee shop to check out if I am interested.  The two gentlemen mentioned their daily coffee shop and that I should check it out sometime.  I just might.
In terms of my car, I have still not heard anything from my current shop.  It must stop.  I made an appointment and feel they should honor that commitment I made to work on the car.  At least call and update.  Without any communication it leads me to believe that my car is sitting exactly where I parked it.  Awesome.
Unfortunately, I need my car and miss her.  I don't know how to convey to the shop the importance of communication regarding my car without finding a new mechanic.  I am almost there as this is the third visit, third lack of patience is thin.  What to do?  What to do?....

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