Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sleep did not improve.  Restless night of trying to sleep and losing the battle.  Hence, skipped run and opted for yoga.  I thought, maybe, this could calm my mind of all of its washing machine of thoughts.  Seriously, I feel like I am in a spin cycle the last 24 hours.  Positive things are occurring yet my subconscious wants to create doubt.  If I let it, I am sure that I can self-sabotage.  I am not going to, though.  Not this time.  I am in the exact place that I chose to be.  When I think about it in that light, I know I will overcome any of my own self-imposed negativity.
Not to mention, I am listening to pandora and LeAnne Womack's song, I hope you Dance is playing.  Lovely song and an association from my past.  Brian and I had decided to go to Honduras in 2005.  Since he was younger, he always struggled to save money.  Inherently, he was generous to all of his friends and unable to save for some of our trips.  Naturally, my wisdom tried to advise him to save cash for my impulsive need to travel.  For Christmas, that year, his parents gave us the book, i hope you dance and placed book marks through it.  There were eight book marks representing a letter.  We tried to figure out what it said--from the letters, I deducted--our hands.
Brian looked at it and said, no, it's Honduras.  Duh....we were going there.  Plus, they gave us some money to enjoy while in Honduras.  And, enjoy we did.  We flew into San Pedro Sula, spent the night and then took the bus to the coast.  Took a ferry (two hours too long) to Roatan and spent the next six days there learning how to scuba dive.  Originally,we thought we would spend three days on the island and then return to the mainland.  The resort dive changed everything.  We extended our island adventure which allowed us to dine at Los Arcos, three times.  Awesome argentinian eatery in Roatan.  We were certified to scube dive which led to a birthday adventure in Cozumel which is another story.
After the island, we spent a night in La Ceiba at an outdoor adventure camp.  They offered white water rafting or horse back riding.  We were interested in the accomodations and skipped the optional activities.  A german couple owned this little gem of a hotel.  I remember their rottweiler fondly.  He loitered on our patio for a few hours.  Beautiful dog.  Super friendly and I would imagine, loyal.  We found that place on a lark. Our first impulse was to stay at a green resort.  The rate was $250 a night and somehow, I had convinced Brian we should do it.  We took a cab to the resort only to discover that they were booked for the night.  They suggested this little treasure.  I think it was $8 a night and they provided  a wonderful family oriented meal that night. 
Glorious trip until we got food poisoning on our return to San Pedro Sula.  It seemed so innocent.  We ordered a pork sandwich and watched a League of Their Own.  The couple that owned the diner had lived in Miami and their young daughter spoke english, relatively speaking.  That night, well, I won't go into detail.  All, I will say, is that it was not fun.  I skipped pork, anything, for awhile, too.
Sometimes, I overanalyze things when they are simple.  Create difficulty for no reason.  I am in a great place in my life and the possibilities are endless.  Why self-doubt?  It's natural, I suppose.  Must breathe through it and accept that I am ready for the upcoming challenges.  I will get through the self-doubt.
Enjoy your morning.  Yes, the yoga did help...

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