Sunday, October 9, 2011

I am experiencing some difficulty with posting lately. I had lovely tales to tell, too. Birthday month, friends visiting, tattoos--real and fake ( more entertaining and thankfully, I deleted proof from my camera is all I am saying), hiking, food, wine and of course, life in general.
Random dreams. Seriously, nonsensical dreams. Reflecting back on them, I am like--where did this come from...i did what?
Or, the recent interaction with this yoga owner who should be promoting peace and serenity and instead reeks of slimyness and distrust. Seriously, initially, I was excited to meet him and find a new studio to practice yoga. That elated feeling lasted maybe ten minutes. After talking with him and seeing how he was looking at me, well, I altered my opinion of his studio. He exuded filth. Not kidding. Just sensed that he would be the type to install cameras in the changing rooms for his own personal enjoyment.
When he left, last week, he tripped up the stairs and a few of my friends responded--wow, that guy was a dick.
I agreed. Last night, he showed up and I was shocked. Had it been me, I would have avoided the place that I made myself look like an idiot for awhile or maybe forever. Nope, this guy has no scruples. He didn't apologize for his repulsive behavior. He just seemed a little reserved. For about ten minutes. Then, he started eating snack mix and licking his fingers. Sucking on them. It was deplorable. I have found, yet, another pet peeve, up there with toe nail clipping in public. Yuck! Where do these people come from?
Anyways, I am frustrated with the posting factor. My birthday, the day itself, was melancholy. I won't go into details, but, it began with sadness. I went hiking to clear my head and embrace the day. I talked to several friends and picked up Shari from the airport. At that point, I was feeling much better. Spending time with Shari is always peaceful and I always manage to work in a 6+ mile walk around a city at some point.

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