Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

Holiday weekend concluded.
Work, drinking with friends, fireworks, more work and then play, again.
It was eventful and fun.
I realized that of all of the holidays, I do enjoy 4th of July. What can you not like about it, though? Summer heat, fireworks, bbq's, beer and friends/family. It isn't a day about feeling obligated to buy a gift or receive a gift that you don't like. It isn't about family obligation (Thanksgiving). It isn't about Hallmark cards or flowers. It's about pure enjoyment and loving this country.
I spent a 4th of July in Mexico. It was great. We were on the beach, south of Puerto Vallarta. A group of us--I think 8--went to the beach instead of going to Mexico City. I have never doubted this decision. During this time, Americans were being targeted and nothing screams American like a tour bus, filled with only Americans.
We went to the beach and had a fantastic time. There were other Americans there, but it wasn't overwhelming. Mostly, everyone was in a festive mood, because they were on the beach and enjoying life. It was a small beach town. We walked by merchants who were selling jewelry, sunglasses and sarongs. It was peaceful.
I had promised, myself, to quit drinking at 7 pm since I knew the early morning bus ride would be awful. I had had a bad experience on another beach excursion, but since it was a holiday, I was up most of the night. The return to Guadalajara was awful. I swore that I would never drink again.
We found this bar playing Eric Clapton, drank Pacifico and danced.
I talked to my friend, Jean, about it on Saturday. I told her that I felt like a margarita from our 4th of July in Mexico. She knew exactly what I was saying. The days when simple seemed hard.
So, yes, I do enjoy 4th of July. I hope you enjoyed yours, too.


scarlethue said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend. I like your attitude about the 4th, and I agree, it is one of the better, less stressful holidays.

harmony said...

Yes, it can almost be called perfect in my book.
Less stress, fun times and the sun.
I am glad that you enjoyed yours, too.