Thursday, July 30, 2009


I went running, yesterday, and contemplated life.
Although, I am not super crafty or creative, I thought about how I would tackle this project.
My old neighbors, who I miss dearly, gave me a few blank frames. I decided I would update my Vision Board for the summer, using the frame and magazines, publications, etc., that I have in my house. I considered doing a mosaic or something to that effect, but I don't think I have enough time to do it. It would require some purchases at Home Depot and I get claustrophobic thinking about that store.
The Vision Board will be great.
Lately, I have been attracting-Running, for obvious reasons; Travel, because I am me and it feeds my soul; food, always present in my life; photographers, haven't figured this one out yet, but I have a new neighbor that is a photographer, and I have recently reconnected with 4 people who are around the STates. I suppose when and if I am in Atlanta, Indiana, Phoenix, or Kansas City, again, I will look these individuals up and view their work. I see some of these places in my future. Truly, I want to check out the Westside Local in Kansas City, Missouri. I have a connection to the 3 owners since I worked at Free STate with them, and Lonnie was my landlord in Phoenix.
Anyways, this board will be of my present and near future. That seems to be how it works for me.
Utilize your items and be creative.
Have a great day. The weather is ideal for a sleeping day. I will venture out later, for a run and then I am meeting Pocketsize for drinks later.

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