Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Change the World Wednesdays...

Funny, I was thinking about how local, energy efficient, and green that I am trying to be in my life.
I walked to Cherry Creek for Peet's coffee and to stop by the bank. I knew that it was the Farmer's Market and as I considered going, I decided to skip yoga. That is another story. I digress.
Anyways, I perused the market. They have flowers, fresh veggies, fruits, pastas, soap, etc. I enjoy browsing and deciding what I will purchase. Today, I bought some delicious palisade peaches and blue berries that look amazing. I thought about buying swiss chard or kale and dreamed of wonderful meal. I am a realist and know that I will not fully utilize these meals and so I settled for the fruit, knowing that I will eat it and love it.
Anyways, today is Change the World Wednesdays on the Reduce Footprints I follow the blog and enjoy their suggestions.
This week, they challenge everyone to take a day, one full day, of not using your car or riding in a car. Try walking, biking, rollerblading, public transport. I felt relief. I do this all of the time.
I continued to read and it said--if you already rely on your feet, not your car, then write about it or discuss other forms of public transport, health benefits, etc. Check out their blog and try this on, yourself. Why not? What do you have to lose?
Yes, it's hot.
But, the one day of not driving, does make a difference. It enables less road rage, more money in your pocket for a soda--if you want--or a beer, if you are me!
Also, consider the health benefits. Instead of buying a new piece of furniture, I mean, gym equipment that will go under your bed or in the closet, add some movement to your life. Walk to the grocery store, as opposed to driving. Treat to yourself to ice cream, after you have walked there. Turn off the tv, walk to the library or to a baseball game.
Think about it. Talk about it. Do it. Let me know how or why it does or doesn't work. Or, check out their
My life is flexible. I know. My commute is not an hour, in a car, but if it were, I believe I would want to try this challenge out. I think a lot when I walk. I am able to stop and enjoy, not be pissed off at the idiots that make my drive difficult.
I will reflect this later. I am off to the library to get some books. Yes, I am walking! I actually enjoy knowing that I haven't driven my car in a few days or a week. I did yesterday so that I could see my aunt. Next time, I will ask her to come to my place and we can walk to Sweet Action for ice cream or to Wash Park, just because.
Be well.


Nancy said...

This is a terrific post and a great idea. I gave my vehicle to my son-in-law for his work. We are down to one, and I don't miss it at all.

harmony said...

Good for you. I find that I am less stressed when I walk. All it takes is planning to fully utilize your time.
Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it!