Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Change the World Wednesday....

The last challenge that I participated in was about walking. Really, it was about not using your car or riding in a car for a day. I loved the challenge and fully embraced it. I like walking places, though. I hate the rage that creeps up on me, when I am in my car. I don't mean for it to happen, but it does. Although, I am definitely not as bad as some of my friends. Yes, you know exactly who you are.
Anyways, back to the point. Today's challenge is about giving back to the community and reaping benefits of heart.
Think about all of your stuff. When I moved from Tempe to Denver, I packed my car, a Nissan Sentra. It was glorious to be that free. I had to have my photo albums, some clothes and framed art. I drove back with a friend, even, so I completely utilized my space and had room to share. Impressive, I know.
I met Brian and know I have stuff.
If and when I moved I will have to get a U-Haul or a storage pod. Anyways, this challenge is about giving some of your stuff to goodwill, a sheler or someone that needs it. For me, I will be heading to goodwill with a coffee grinder, several books, some clothes and a vase. I have clothes that I never wear. They take up space in my closet. Books are amazing, but they take up so much space and really how often do you reread a paperback novel? Typically, I buy paperbacks when I travel. Recently, I rediscovered the library and now use the $30 I save from stupid little expenditures in the airport for drinks later.
I am trying to downsize my life and so it is fitting to be challenged in this fashion.
So, if you have time, please think about what you don't use and think about heading to your local goodwill or shelter. Last week, my aunt, Bryn, dropped off a few boxes to a shop that shelters use, predominantly. I feel that it is a great challenge and hope others will be inspired, too. My heart feels a lightness!
Be well and enjoy.

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